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Top 3 Tuition Free Country To Study Cyber Security


Mar 15, 2022
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Someone who wants to study cybersecurity and get a degree in this field has made a good decision. Cyberattacks pose a great risk to national safety and security as our world tends to become completely virtual. Therefore, choosing to study cybersecurity for free seems like a wise move.

Why Study Cyber Security?

Given the devastating impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it's no surprise that the pattern has changed dramatically. Ready or not, the world has gone digital.
While this makes life a lot easier, it's not always safe.

A technology-dependent civilization is vulnerable to cyberattacks, cyber theft, and many other disturbances. Therefore, students should look for affordable options to obtain a postgraduate degree in the field.

Top 3 Countries To Study Cyber Security For Free

Overall, cybersecurity programs are scarce and tuition is expensive, making it nearly impossible for students to find the best cybersecurity program. Here are the top 3 countries to learn cybersecurity for free:
  1. Hungary, Kodolányi János University (KJU)​

  2. Estonia, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)​

  3. Finland, University of Turku (UT)​

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